No matter how you spell it - barbeque, barbecue, bbq, or bar-b-que, a visit to the Tennessee Valley  area just isn't complete until you've sat down for some authentic southern style cooking you get at Greenbrier Restaurant.  Whether you are a casual diner or a barbecue expert, you are sure to delight in Greenbrier Restaurant's  selection of tender and juicy pork, ribs, chicken or ham.

At first, the primitive appeal of fire and meat may have been enough to wet our appetites for barbecued foods, but as our culinary sophistication levels have grown, so too have our ideas about barbecue. Regional differences abound, flavorful sauce recipes evolve, and so do interpretations of the casual and contemporary barbecue experience.

We want your visit to be a memorable experience.  That's why our goal is to offer you the best tasting Bar-B-Que you've ever had, served by our friendly people at prices and portions that can't be beat.  If we ever fall short of these goals, please let us know, we promise  to make it right.  We thank you for dining with us. 

Barbecue isn't all that's on the menu either.  Click the menu bar across the top of the page and view our complete menu items.  You'll find something the whole family can enjoy!

Come see us soon at the Old Greenbrier Restaurant, or if you can't come to us, CALL!  We can cater your next event!

It's a Southern Tradition!

Come and visit us soon we are open 10:00am-8:30pm 7 days a week!

We take our restaurant very seriously. So serious in fact that we designed and manufacture the very tool we use to make the incredible hushpuppys our customers have come to love. Click the link below to learn more and buy one for your restaurant today!!

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